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What I offer is unique. Unique to women and unique to you. As women we have spent years feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, being told we should fit into a smaller space, make less noise, have flawless skin. We have been fed beauty standards that are not attainable and told to follow fad diets, detoxes and appetite suppressing lollipops. I aim to coach my clients away from this. To help them move towards feeling they are worthy, they are beautiful, they are enough just as they are. 

Our goals will be focused on self love, fitness and performance improvements, and building a better relationship with our food and ourselves. This doesn't mean that your goal can't also include an aesthetic based outcome such as weight loss but what it means is, that we won't focus on this. We won't religiously count calories, berate ourselves when we eat cake, be unkind to our bodies, starve ourselves, punish ourselves through exercise. We will instead find movement that we love, learn about mindful eating, focus on how we are getting fitter, stronger, healthier and how we FEEL over how we look. We will focus on developing habits that allow us to live a life that we love and can enjoy every single day. We will do it together, you aren't alone. I am on your team and your biggest cheerleader and supporter. 

What to expect

Coaching will be totally personalised to you and we will work in a way that best suits you and your current goals and lifestyle.

You will gain access to;

1. My full exercise library with video, descriptions and cues

2. 24/7 access to support via email

3. Personalised Training Plan changing monthly

4. Home or gym workout options

5. Nutritional Support

6. Guidance on intuitive eating and/or your specific macros

7. Improved relationship with food

8. Increased body confidence

9. Accountability

10. Weekly Check Ins and Bi-weekly/monthly zoom calls (optional)

11. Feedback on your form

12. Habit Tracking

13. Resources to help you on your journey

14. Access to my private facebook group for community support

15. Weekly team email


Are you ready to achieve your goals? Then contact me and let's get to work!​

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