Personal Training

Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

  • Do you want to be happy, healthy, functionally fit and well into your coming years?

  • Are you lacking motivation? 

  • Working hard in the gym but not seeing the results you desire? 

  • Stuck for new ideas to keep you interested? 

  • Wanting to try something new but lacking the confidence to go it alone? 

  • Stuck in a cycle of binge and restrict?

  • Fed up of diet after diet?Want to love the life you live and enjoy every second?                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • That’s where I come in! I can help with all of these things and more.                                                                                                                                                                                 Top reasons you need a Personal Trainer:                                                         

  • Personal Trainers are Inexpensive - Yes really! It may seem a lot of money at first but if you use this as a comparison to other things in your life that you happily pay out for, it really isn’t a lot. Monthly spends on entertainment, alcohol, clothes, cosmetics, shoes etc soon add up. Can you put a price on your health and longevity of life? 

  • Guidance and reduced risk of injury

  • Ongoing accountability 

  • Coach relationship

  • Learn Life Long Skills

  • Train how you love

  • Form life long habits

  • Saving Time

  • Gaining skills

  • Finding food freedom

  • Building body confidence

  • And more! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start your journey today!

Personal Training Options

What We Offer

1:1 Personal Training

All about you (In person or via zoom)

Partner Personal Training

Do it together (In person or via zoom)

Nutritional Guidance

Education on energy balance (in person and online)

These in person or via zoom options include a coaching session and some nutritional guidance within the session. Session are charged at £30 each (£5 extra charge for any additional clients joining)

If you are interested in a more substantial package including accountability, resources to help on mindset, check ins, a customised workout plan and much more then see 'online coaching' and 'bespoke coaching' pages

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