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Is Starvation mode a real thing?!

Remember those times that you were told you were eating too little and that’s why you weren’t losing weight? That your body needs enough food so that you aren’t in starvation mode?!

Yeah well, it's CRAP!

It literally makes no sense! Look at people across the world who are genuinely starving! They have no issues with too much body fat! Your body will use any energy that it can for fuel including stored fat. Your body will try very hard to do everything it can to protect itself. If you are STARVING, you are not gaining weight or maintaining weight.

There is such a thing as living off too few calories for health. Particularly for women our hormones can be disrupted and we can lose our cycle, experience hair loss, irritability and lots more besides. We need enough nutrients to help our bodies to function optimally so too few calories can definitely be detrimental to our health and is not recommended.

But too few calories for fat loss is NOT a thing! If you are eating less calories than your body needs (calorie deficit) you will lose weight. It is that simple. If you aren't losing weight, you aren't in a calorie deficit! Remember your caloric needs are highly individual. Read previous blog posts to understand how to calculate yours

Hope this helps to bust some of those myths out there!

Let me know any thoughts or if you found it useful!

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