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The best exercise for fat loss

When it comes to the best exercise for weight loss it really comes down to two things.

The first is compliance! If you are doing something you hate, chances are you won’t keep it up! So find something you love and add that into your training.

The second is that there is no best exercise because nutrition is key!! If you are spending all your time worrying about what exercise you should be doing, you are missing out on what will actually help you to lose weight...a calorie deficit!

Having said that, there are types of exercise that I like to prioritise over others. The first is strength or resistance training. There are so many health benefits to lifting weights and it is something that everybody should be doing! After the age of 30, we start to lose bone density every single year! Lifting weights can help to increase this bone density, keep them strong and stave off conditions such as osteoporosis as we age. It also promotes good posture, can aid sleep and mental health, transforms your body, boosts your metabolism and improves mood and energy levels not to mention boost your confidence. Weight training is a long term investment. You will reap the rewards the longer you do it, if you keep progressing. Although strength training will not burn as many calories during the session as higher intensity cardio, it uses more energy afterwards (EPOC). However, it is important to keep in mind that this is minimal

Low Intensity Cardio is next on the list. I would personally try to include a walk (or a step count) into your daily life. If daily is not possible then as many times as you can manage. Walking is hugely hugely hugely underrated and a brisk walk is an amazing form of exercise. It is called LISS (Low intensity Steady State) meaning we work at a lower rate of exertion but for a little longer, so for example a 40 minute walk. Looking at time alone, this will not burn as many calories as high intensity cardio but we will get to that! I prefer this because it can slot into your life. It isn't more time to take out of your life for training, you can walk to work, walk to the park with your kids, walk the is a lifestyle you can easily make your own. Other examples can include swimming, cycling, yoga. You want to be able to keep the pace for around 35-40 minutes to class it as LISS

HIIT is the ever popular “fat burning” exercise and here is the thing, It will burn the most calories in the smallest amount of time. However, it will also have a HUGE impact on your body, your joints in particular. Risk of injury is much greater and this will then have a negative impact on your strength training. High Intensity Interval Training is tough! Your knees, hips and ankles bear so much weight and pressure when you jump around on them! So if you enjoy it, then feel free to add some to your weekly training (1-3 per week max!) but don't make it your priority. Also consider that if you are chasing “looking toned” cardio won't do that for you! Building muscle and losing fat will get you that desired look!

So technically there is no best exercise for fat loss! Prioritise nutrition for fat loss and add exercise to improve health and body composition. Prioritise what you enjoy, definitely add some resistance training and bear in mind the overall impact your chosen workouts have on your body and your progress

Any questions or comments please feel free to leave them and I'll try to answer!

Hope this helps

Sarah xx


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