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The magic 1200 calorie diet

You know what is so magical about the typical 1200 calorie diet?


It isn't magical, in fact it's bullshit! I don't even actually know where having 1200 calories per day came from?! But it isn't for you! Keep reading and I'll tell you why!

Firstly, your daily caloric needs are highly individual. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to live and perform basic functions. This is determined by numerous factors including your height, weight, gender and age. Your daily activity is then also taken into account, so the more steps you generally do daily and the amount of exercise you partake in will all have an effect on how many calories you need each day. You can use to calculate yours. Also bear in mind that this is a ballpark figure. You could maintain your weight a couple of hundred calories either side of this figure, it is trial and error for you to figure that out!

In order to lose weight we NEED a calorie deficit. I would start conservatively with around 20% less calories than your daily maintenance. Start here, be consistent and see what happens. If you lose weight, you are in a deficit, it's working so keep at it!! I can guarantee you that this number will be higher (for some of you significantly higher) than 1200 calories!

The goal is to lose weight on as many calories as possible! This will help with adherence because you won't feel as hungry! More food = happier people! And because it gives you somewhere to go! The longer you diet down, the more metabolic adaptation will occur (that's for another time!) and as you get leaner, you don't need as many calories to live. If you start dieting on 1200 calories it will not be sustainable and where will you go next? 1000? Then 800? That is insane!! And NOT healthy!

Don't want to count calories?! That's fine too! Realise it won't be as accurate but it is still doable! Usually have 3 cookies after lunch? Switch it for fruit. Usually pretty sedentary? Add a daily walk into your routine. Usually eat large portions? Reduce the size! There are lots of small changes that can be made to help you start your weight loss journey but please don't dive into a super restrictive diet. I promise you it will not be healthy, happy or sustainable

Hope this helps! Let me know any thoughts or if you found it useful!

Feel free to share or point people in my direction, it's always appreciated!

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